Reading 3 : A Pair Of Ghostly Hands And Other Stories


Title: A Pair Of Ghostly Hands And Other Stories


ISBN: 0-19-423018-X

This book was written by Diane Mowat .This book consists of stories, is talks about ghosts that live around us, but you don’t see them! .These ghosts, people listen them, especially when they are in their bed at night. Or you ascend up, when people are sleeping, you hear a baby unknown is crying, or when you go to the bathroom to wash your hands, you see couples of hand in tap water. There are many stories about the ghosts .when Stephen’s parents die, his cousin offers him to live with him. the boy faces many of the fears and panic. And a story about a wedding, and how possibly be frightening about couples who are in love! .The ghosts in these stories all have unfinished business with the living world. They come back from the grave to done their works. Sometimes they want to help people, and sometimes they went to kill them or punish them. This contains five parts includes stories of variety.

This book is talks about people who are facing something strange, and frightening sounds somewhere. Then they discover that there are ghosts waiting for them. These ghosts come out of graves and live with them. To show them the memories of the past, or to help people.

 I enjoyed reading this book, it so interesting. I classified it as a horror book. The writer makes the events frightening the people, and ghosts which are trying to intimidate and punish them. And not all ghosts were dangerous, some of them may be were peaceful! .I liked this book; it has horror details of events and how to write them. And I think that, the writer was succeed to make me that I live the events of this story. And described the events in this book makes you feel  scared and feeling like you were there! .

 I think that this book is suitable for over 12 years, because it is contains the details of scary. These stories are Talking about life and things that get in the frightful night. This will not be good for the kids. I think that, it would be interesting for adults, because they like this kind and make you live these strange events and perceived. In my view, this book can turn to the horror film. It contains exciting events makes the reader excited to read the rest of the frightful events of these stories.

 Useful vocabulary:

  Housekeeper: A person who is paid to look after sb else’s house and organize the work it.

  awful: (In the church of England) a priest in charge of a certain area.

  wet: Covered in a liquid, especially water.

  lid: The top part of a box, pot, ect. that can be lifted up or taken off.

hypnotized: To use hypnosis on sb.


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3 Responses to Reading 3 : A Pair Of Ghostly Hands And Other Stories

  1. stephen070 says:

    Hi Alia

    I enjoyed reading the summary and your comments – it sounds like it’s a fun book to read. Did you feel scared when you read it?

    Good vocab, except your definition of ‘awful’ is wrong. I think you mixed it up with another word.

  2. mariamsaeed1 says:

    I am impressed by your choice and a summary of the story. I agree the writer was succeed to make us that we live the events of this story.

  3. Nadie tiene todo el resumen completo de este libro? Con los personajes,i todo el contenido? porfa es urgentee!

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